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1Markham Clinic

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Rogers Brampton Health Centre

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Christine Bradica: 647-747-9355

Christine Bradica:,

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Tuesday 8am – 12:00pm


Rogers Don Mills On-Site Clinic

855 York Mills Road
Health Centre
Don Mills ON M3B 1Z1

905-474-5120 (On clinic days, please use Health Centre Reception number: 416-446-6507)

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Closed until further notice.


Rogers Richmond Hill On-Site Clinic

244 Newkirk Road
Richmond Hill ON L4C 3G7


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The services Dr. Lee provides are a real benefit to our employees and having him come on-site is great. The employees get access to a wide range of treatments and don’t have to take a lot of time out of their day to get it. Dr. Lee’s wellness seminars are also very popular with our staff. Most importantly Dr. Lee really cares for the wellbeing of our employees, which everyone appreciates immensely.


Tom Dalby

Director Human Resources, Rogers Communications


Today’s corporate wellness clinics are proving to be difference makers for corporations.

The largest single asset of a company is typically its people. When other assets such as the building that houses these workers shows signs of wear and tear and starts to crumble, deficiencies are easy to spot and money is found to fix it. This is not the case with employee assets. Deterioration of human vitality and productivity through stress is much more difficult to identify. Employees may show occasional signs of stress but by the time it becomes noticeably damaging to their productivity, it’s too late. Resulting chronic illness and disability eventually can lead to costly short-term and long-term disability issues.

Today’s corporate wellness clinics are proving to be difference makers for corporations. In-house corporate wellness clinics represent a proactive approach positioned to meet workers on the frontline. Injuries therefore can be quickly assessed and appropriately treated. Nutritional counselling and stress management programs can be implemented on an ongoing basis as needed to further this value by providing employee foundational support, i.e. potentially building stronger immune systems. An on-site setting is the perfect portal for delivering these types of high value services.

Why should you engage us?

  • Experience and reputation mean everything when working in a corporate environment.
  • We have the experience. We have launched multiple clinics across many industries on different scales.
  • We know which mistakes to avoid so you can be confident of a smooth and stream lined transition from clinic launch to full roll out with no surprises.

How will it help my organization?

We tailor our clinics to what your needs and goals are.

The skill and experience of our practitioners insures that the needs of the workforce are addressed. Nagging injuries, ergonomic issues, stress management and nutritional management are but a few of the conditions that we are well equipped to manage.

Organizations have been feeling and will continue to see the effects of prolonged stress in the workplace. The business environment will continue to become more competitive, will be in a constant state of change and the volume of work placed on workers will increase. Combine this with greater personal pressures at home and the health and productivity of employees will suffer. Organizational engagement will become worse.

Contact Dr. Derek Lee for inquiries on setting up an on-site clinic for your organization at 416-291-5120 or