Peace of Mind Protocol

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Safe and Tested…Rewind 10 Years of Stress in 2 Weeks.


Dr. Derek Lee created and tested this Rapid Stress Reduction program during his time at Direct Energy as the company’s Corporate Health and Wellness Doctor for North America
While many stress management programs use concepts such as worklife balance, ‘accept your stress’ or ‘eliminate the cause of your stress’, they rarely work. The top 3 stressors are typically related to work, finances and family. It’s impractical to change any of those stressors rapidly. That’s why many of us feel trapped and gradually wear down over time as we bear the burden of unrelenting stress.

Dr. Lee’s program ignores the causes or circumstances of your stress and focuses on normalizing your stress hormones. The solution is natural, simple, tested and fast.

New members can only access the first 3 modules.
If you are Dr. Lee’s patient and/or a Rogers Communications employee, full access to this program will be available within 24 hours. Contact Dr. Lee if access has not be granted.

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