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  • improve sleep
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Access Dr. Lee’s recommended supplements and products.


Dr. Derek Lee originally built this supplement store to provide quality pharmaceutical grade supplements/products to his corporate clients, initially with Direct Energy. This store is now available to everyone (Xymogen products reserved for Dr. Lee’s patients only).

These supplements/products are trusted and are all used in Dr. Lee’s protocols. Product pricing is hidden until you register. This is required to control access and protect supplement supplier pricing from the internet at large. If you would like to access the store and see pricing, new users must create a free account.

XYMOGEN’s Exclusive Professional Formulas are available through select licensed health care professionals. The Internet sale and discounting of XYMOGEN formulas are strictly prohibited. makes XYMOGEN formulas available only to patients of our clinic. If you are a patient of Dr. Derek Lee, you may inquire about XYMOGEN by calling 9054745120 or creating an account on this website’s store.

ABOUT – Meet Dr. Derek Lee

dr-derek-lee-portraitFor over 20+ years, Dr. Derek Lee’s practice as a Corporate Health and Wellness Doctor (chiropractor/acupuncturist) has led him to launch or support multiple on­site employee wellness clinics for Rogers Communications, CGI, Direct Energy, Kraft Canada, Transcontinental Media and AMEX.

Dr. Lee currently supports on­site health centres at 3 Rogers Communications facilities in addition to his private practice. The unique opportunity of working at the front lines of both corporate wellness and private practice has shaped Dr. Lee’s perspective on health care and refined his treatment strategies. With high level corporate support, he was able to successfully develop, test and launch employee wellness programs targeted at employee health needs….specifically employee STRESS.

Dr. Lee has created highly praised e­health programs that focus on managing employee stress and supporting patient education. You can now access these online programs at your convenience including the Peace of Mind Protocol which focuses on rewinding 10 years of stress in 2 weeks and the Perfect Sleep Protocol

TESTIMONIALS – What Companies Say, What Patients Say…

“Dr. Derek Lee has been directly involved with the design and implementation of Direct Energy’s wellness strategy and his sound advice and counsel are sought on a regular basis in addressing company­wide issues ranging from stress management and combating obesity to nutrition, fitness and productivity.

Dr. Lee also offers a suite of highly praised programs and e­health options that are available to all employees across the company.

On a personal note, Derek is highly regarded and respected by employees and management alike. He is personable, dependable and non­assuming. He has been and continues to be a great resource to the company and a trusted service partner.”


Paul Werbiski

Sr. Director Health, Safety & Environment, Direct Energy,Toronto

Dr. Derek Lee’s Exclusive In-Clinic Programs

(Photos of Dr. Lee’s patients are real and untouched.)

More before and after photos.

Cosmetic Acupuncuture

A 100% natural method for managing wrinkles.

The methodology is simple and straightforward.  Specialized tiny acupuncture needles are inserted up to 2mm into the deepest part of the wrinkle. The super fine needle micro traumatizes the skin precisely at the bottom of the wrinkle and stimulates blood flow.  This leads to targeted collagen/elastin growth and produces new skin.

New skin literally fills the wrinkle which disappears.  The results are long lasting and persistent because real skin fills in the wrinkle.

Cosmetic acupuncture does not have the negative issues associated with botox and fillers (including cost) and is not as traumatic as dermaroller skin needling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing because the upper surface of the skin is not damaged or removed.

Contact Dr. Derek Lee for more information on special introductory cosmetic acupuncture packages which are covered through acupuncture benefit plans.

Genetic Weight Control

98% of our bad genes are “Turned ON” by stress.  If you inherited traits for food cravings after 6pm, a slow metabolism, high blood triglycerides or any number of “bad genes”, these traits can be activated by a stressful event or even living in an ongoing stressful environment.

Our genetic code dictates what type of weight gain characteristics we are prone to and stress turns these characteristics on.  The result?  Unrelenting weight control issues and frustration even if you are doing the right things with nutrition and exercise.

There is no one size fits all weight control program because each individual’s genetic code is unique.  Fortunately, revolutionary advances in science gives us the ability to “Turn Off” bad genes leading to consistent weight loss…permanently.

This program is currently availabe at Dr. Lee’s clinics only.

MEMBERS ZONE – Access Dr. Derek Lee’s exclusive online programs

Access to Dr. Lee’s online programs requires you to create a free account.  
The Members Zone is availabe to Dr. Lee’s patients, Rogers Communications Employees and visitors.

Peace of Mind Protocol

Dr. Derek Lee created and tested this Stress Reduction program during his time at Direct Energy as the company’s Corporate Health and Wellness Doctor for North America. Dr. Lee was asked to create a program to target employee stress issues which have been rapidly trending higher in all companies over the past few years.

The Peace of Mind Protocol has proven to be relevant, simple and effective to anyone who has stress. This online program was designed as an online home study/DIY course that employees and patients can access at their convenience.

Perfect Sleep Protocol

This program was developed by Dr. Lee to address a huge component of prolonged exposure to stress…poor sleep.  Chronic stress blocks our ability to access deep restorative sleep states.  This leads to ongoing issues with insomnia which often include difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or both.  If you can’t sleep, the brain can’t recover leading to more of the obvious symptoms we associate with stress:   fatigue, irritability, emotional, impatient, brain fog, lack of focus, aches and pains, etc.

This online course addresses how Dr. Lee manages sleep deprivation issues.   Just a quick note that for those who have no issues falling or staying asleep, who can’t seem to get enough sleep even though they might nod off during the day, they are even further down the road to stress exhaustion. Dr. Lee’s program address that too.

Join the members zone to learn more.

Wellness Training

Dr. Lee created these short videos to answer some of the most common questions he gets asked about:

  • Low back / hip pain
  • Elbow / wrist pain
  • Neck Pain / Headaches / TMJ
  • Stress and Fatigue
  • Digestive Complaints
  • Acupuncture
  • How Flat Feet Creates Knee, Ankle, Bunion and Shin Splint Conditions

Stretch and Strengthen

Dr. Lee emails his patients stretching and strengthening programs in order to facilitate faster recovery times. These programs have been developed for specific conditions. Each program lists a number of exercises which are accompanied with short videos that demonstrate proper safe technique.

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