“Dr. Derek Lee has been a key member of Direct Energy’s HSE Team since October 2007. He has been directly involved with the design and implementation of Direct Energy’s wellness strategy and his sound advice and counsel are sought on a regular basis in addressing company­wide issues ranging from stress management and combating obesity to nutrition, fitness and productivity.

Dr. Lee currently runs weekly onsite Wellness Clinics at our Toronto – Atria and Markham – Allstate locations. Over the years he has helped countless employees deal with health and wellness related issues and treated soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Lee also offers a suite of highly praised programs and e­health options that are available to all employees across the company. His monthly conference calls explore specific health topics such as stress, diet and nutrition, allergies, supplements, immune health, sleep, and many,many more. The information provided is always well researched, illustrated and relevant, and presented in a professional manner. His newsletters and professionally designed Web­site also provide valuable health information to employees and their families.

On a personal note, Derek is highly regarded and respected by employees and management alike. He is personable, dependable and non­assuming. He has been and continues to be a great resource to the company and a trusted service partner.


Paul Werbiski

Sr. Director, HSE Direct Energy, Toronto

“The corporate wellness clinic that Dr. Lee operated at Kraft Canada provided our employees with the superior convenience of onsite access to health care services. His broad expertise increased the treatment options available through a single health provider allowing for very personalized service. From chiropractic, to acupuncture, to stress management, Dr. Lee’s level of professionalism and willingness to cater his services to meet the needs of the environment has been consistently great.”


Laura Sullivan

HR Specialist, Wellness, Kraft Canada

“Having an on site clinic has a number of benefits that staff at Rogers Cable York Mills and I personally have experienced:
1. it is substantially easier for the staff to schedule a quick visit or repeat visits around their busy work and personal schedule
2. there is no wasted time traveling to and waiting at an off-site clinic
3. since it is much easier to establish and complete a visit, staff are more apt to pursue professional help for their health needs which helps improve their general quality of life and can reduce the incident of health related absences from work
4. I found it much easier and was more likely to schedule a quick ‘tune up” visit to the on site clinic than to take time off work or travel to the off site clinic.”


Robb Balsdon

Senior Director, New Product Introduction, Rogers Communication

Dr. Lee has assisted us to expand our Corporate Wellness Program at Direct Energy, by offering onsite programs and exceptional conference calls that assist employees to make wiser health choices.
He provides us the opportunity to learn new information regarding nutrition, supplement selection and lifestyle changes. He assisted employees with their pain management or reduction while coaching them on the effects of stress on their bodies. He is in high demand by our management leaders to provide educational programs to help them educate their teams on the ways to reduce obesity and unproductive lifestyle choices, which helps reduce absenteeism and improve employee engagement.


Gloria Phibbs

Corporate Manager Health, Safety & Environment, Direct Energy, Toronto